Friday, November 11, 2011

Bali Hai & Outrigger Apts - Stockton, California

This week I was on the road again and happend to be in the Sacramento area and Central Valley of California. While passing through Stockton, I stopped off to explore the Bali Hai and the Outrigger apartments. These apartment complexes were built in 1962 are next right next to each other. They have been well documented online, but are still worth taking a look at if you are in town and enjoy tiki architecture.

Bali Hai Apartments - 4305 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton, CA

The building complex for the Bali Hai is rather plain, but they do have a nice 7' featherstone carved Moai out front.

The interior has been detikified over the decades.

The Outrigger Apartments - 4415 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton, CA

The Outrigger is quite the opposite of the Bali Hai. There are no tikis, but the building has a great 3-story soaring A-Frame entrance.

The interior courtyard has been detikified just like the Bali Hai.

Local tikiphile abstractiki, has done some great research on these aprtments and you can read an interview with the original contractor who built these complexes here. He has also discovered a few images from the local newspaper archives of the Outrigger in 1962.

The Outrigger in 1962, photo from abstractiki

Rendering for the Outrigger, photo from abstractiki

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