Monday, March 12, 2012

Tahiti Apartments - Follow-Up

Last month I posted an entry on the blog about the Tahiti Apartments in Torrance, California. When the complex opened in 1961, the advertising indicated that the interior of the complex was also decorated in a South Seas theme.

Last weekend, my friend Boris, a local Southern California tikiphile, visited the Tahiti apartments to investigate the current state of the complex.

The Tahiti Apartments (March 2012).

The two 10' entrance tikis have long since rotted away.

The Tahiti Apartments courtyard (March 2012)

No trace of the tikis or Samoan canoe that once existed here. The pool has even been filled in and planted over.

Thanks for your urban archelogy expedition Boris!


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  2. Yeah! You're right Vinay. This seems interesting. I remember in this apartment my old school days memories. Were this apartment for rent only?or for sale also? I wonder if they also have a penthouse apartment style. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Really no concrete symbols of Polynesian culture visible here, some thing like a chief's long house or some thing more authentic.

    Roofer Fort Worth

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