Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Penguins in Tokyo?

Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative think tank that fuels the Walt Disney Company, has developed some of the most incredible and beloved theme park attractions in the world. They create a massive library of ideas for shows and attractions for their parks around the world. However, a majority of the ideas and concepts they come up with never see the light of day. As is the case with this WDI concept for an overlay for the Enchanted Tiki Room at Toyko Disneyland.

The Enchanted Tiki Room at Toyko Disneyland.

This proposed overlay had the Tiki Room being taken over by a bunch of musical penguins bound for the South Pole, but have since taken up residence in the Tiki Room due to their airplane crashing into the building. You can read a little more about it over at the Neverland Files.

Several items of note in the drawing.
The ‘Bird Mobile’ has been replaced with a damaged airplane engine, the plane was named ‘Carribe Queen’.

On top of the plane engine you can see several musical penguins playing trumpets and a steel drum.

The Enchanted Fountain has been replaced with more musical penguins. The leader is wearing an old aviators outfit.

A Pele tiki is sitting between the crates in the old fountain and is now playing the bongos.

Some new Flamingos have joined the party and are singing behind the old fountain.

Two additional penguins are up top, the lounging male and the singing Carmen Miranda inspired female.

Several elements of the original show remain, including:
Three of the host birds
The tiki drummers
The chanting tiki poles
The singing birds of paradise.

It does snow at Tokyo Disneyland, the penguins would be right at home.

However, this entire concept was tossed in favor for the Stich overlay that was installed back in 1999.


  1. That might have actually been pretty cool, if you'll excuse the pun. Couldn't have been any worse than the horror that is The Florida Tiki Room with Gilbert Godfrey!

  2. Hey, I like your blog! Great info on the Tokyo Tiki Room....I didn't know about the penguin overlay. That could have been interesting. I love almost everything they do at the Tokyo parks, but I must say I wasn't too crazy about the Stitch overlay. Oh, and Stitch "invaded" the Tiki Room in 2008. In 1999, Tokyo changed from the original version to the "Get The Fever" version which was supposed to be like a Las Vegas musical revue. It definitely wasn't as good as the original, but it was far better than their Stitch version or Florida's "Under New Management" version.