Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don Carson Fantasy Design & Architecture

Every once and a while I will stumble across and artist whose work I really connect with. They may be a painter, sculptor, designer, builder, or an architect. Don Carson is one of those artists. He is a freelance Art Director and Illustrator and I like everything that he does. He has a strong background in the theme park industry and that reflects in his designs and artwork. It has a humorous element to it. Here are a few examples of some of his themepark designs.

Point of sale vending location

Exterior design for attraction building

Themed signage

Back in 2000, Don got involved with a project designing a virtual world. The project was loosely based on a tiki/Club Med theme and he created some fantastic wacky concept art.

Lucky’s Tiki Bar with a large tiki that has broken off the front of the structure.

Themed tiki signage

Behind Lucky’s Bar is a varied collection of tiki, exotic and nautical d├ęcor.

Don prepared concept art for two of Walt Disney World’s themed water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach) and that style reflects in some of these drawings.

While not tiki, I do love this idea of a retail space that sells jetpacks out of a converted old Quonset hut.

You can see lots more examples of Don’s work and review his portfolio on his webpage

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  1. Don Carson's work is very cool. Thanks for introducing it to me. I'm a huge Disney fan as well. Fun post!