Friday, March 11, 2011

Tiki News - Issue #4

Late summer 1995, I was in a quirky little bookstore here in Denver checking out the alternative ‘zines’ and found a magazine called Le Pasefika (now out of print). Paging thru the issue, I found an ad for Tiki News. I went home and mailed in my subscription request for the next 6 issues ($10), there was no website or PayPal at the time. Shortly thereafter, my first issue showed up, it was #4.

Issue #4 July 1995 $2

I went back and reread the Issue cover to cover before creating this post, and one thing really jumped out at me. Tiki News was starting just as the internet was gaining speed with the public. I found myself looking for website addresses for advertisers, artists, etc. and there is none of that in the issue. The only reference to the web is Otto Von Stroheim’s (creator of Tiki News) email address, that’s it. It was just an interesting observation as today we have become conditioned to be able to find instant satisfaction via the web.

Stories in Issue #4 included:

Waikiki Calling – A trip report to the Island of Oahu, including visits to the International Market Place, Oahu thrift stores and the Aloha Bowl Flea Market.

Hurricane Harbor – A story about the new tiki themed water park addition at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

The Big Pineapple in the Big Apple: Trader Vic’s, NY – A trip report to the then still operating Trader Vic’s.

Tiki Terror – A short story by Charles Schneider

Charles Schneider – A look at his artwork

Follow That Mug! The Kahiki Supper Club – A trip report for the still operating Kahiki in Columbus, Ohio.

Neighborhood Tiki – An update where readers could send in their finds for tikis that were still standing out in the wild. Issue #4 included the Mar Vista Bowl in Los Angeles. Note the advertisement for Dionysus Records with early SHAG artwork.

Nostalgis Anthropologisticus – Fear and Loathing in Tikiland Atlanta Memories, Part II, by David Mockba. A trip report for the Atlanta area.

Tune into Tiki – A calendar of events for upcoming radio shows (not webcasts or podcasts, you had to listen to the radio), magazines, etc.

Tiki Manifesto – The Tiki Manifesto was created by Tiki News and posted on the back page of the issue.

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