Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exotic House - Port Aransas, Texas

I recently stumbled across this interesting photo while surfing around on Flickr. Its an exotic house on the Gulf Coast of Texas, in Port Aransas (just outside of Corpus Christi).

The house is built on stilts with the main house on the second floor. This design minimizes the potential for flooding and damage due to storm surges and hurricanes so common to this region of the Gulf Coast.

Check out the roof on this place, it soars an additonal 2+ stories above the main floor!

The residence is the last one on the cal-de-sac and fronts the Corpus Christi Channel.

There is no public access to this house. It is located in a private gated community at the end of Private Road A. The best way to see this place is from a boat on the water.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exotic Roofline - North Riverside, IL

A couple of months ago I spent a week in Chicago for a business conference. On my last day, I stopped in at the Chef Shangri- La restaurant for lunch on my way to the airport.

7830 W 26th Street, North Riverside, IL

The food and the drinks at the Chef are both pretty good and the interior tiki decor remains mostly intact. Its a good stop if you're looking for tiki in the Chicago area (and it's not too far from the Hala Kahiki, Chicago's great tiki decor place)

The outside of the building is pretty non descript, but they do have a few tikis on display.

After I left the Chef, I stumbeled across this house just two blocks north. It is not a tiki house, but it has this fantastic Chineese Modern exotic roof line.

It appears that the home owner built these roof extensions himself. I love the black and orange color scheme.

These swooping extensions have been added to all corners of the house.

You can find this exotic roof at 8002 Country Club Lane, North Riverside, IL.