Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tiki News - Issue #5

Aloha, Amigos!

I'm back after a short summer hiatius of posting to the blog. This is a great week to start things back up again as the grandaddy of all tiki events, Tiki Oasis, rolls back into San Diego.

11th Annual Tiki Oasis

I remember attending the first Tiki Oasis event when it was held in Palm Springs (it was in August that year HOT HOT HOT!!). It's amazing to see how this event has changed over the last decade from a small group of folks that first year to over two thousand last year. Mr. Otto Von Stroheim is the man responsible for creating and sustaining Tiki Oasis. However, in the mid 1990s pre Tiki Oasis, Otto was also helping to revitilize the Polynesian Pop movement with his 'zine publication Tiki News.

Issue #5 September 1995

Stories in Issue #5 included:

Music to Sooth the Savage Beast - A review of new exotic and surf releases.

An American Samoan in Carson - A book review of The Stone Maiden and other Samon Fables (author Daniel Pouesi)

Perfect Match - A story by Max Budda on collecting tiki matchbook covers.

Arizona Revisited - A trip report to investigate tiki in Phoenix.

Eddy Detroit of Phoenix - A story about this exotic DJ and musician.

R.I.P. Tikis - A story about the closing of the Tahitian Lanai at the Waikikian Hotel in Honolulu.

Tiki Pogs - Do you remember the Pog craze of the mid 1990s? A Pog was a printed image on thick circular cardboard simultaing old milk bottle caps. A short article showcasing Pogs with with exotic and tiki images.

Tiki God of the Artist, Anecdotes from the Birth of Modern Art - A two page story written by Sven Kristen about tiki imagery in art works, including Picasso.

Neighborhood Tiki - Readers could send in photos of tikis found in their local neighborhood.

The Big Pineapple in the Big Apple, Part II - A continuation of a trip report written by Sarah Dyer on exploring tiki in New York City.

Part I of this NYC trip report was presented back in Issue #4.

Mad About the Mai Kai - A trip report to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, written by Becky Ebenkamp.

Tune into Tiki - A listing of upcoming radio shows.