Friday, July 9, 2010

Mid Century Goodness - Part 2

Mini Golf Mania!

You can’t throw a rock in Lake George without hitting a putt putt golf course. I found 8 courses with a 6 minute drive each way of the Tiki Resort. They are everywhere.

You want pirates, they’ve got pirates.

The Lake George area must be the concrete sculpture capital of the world. Cartoon characters, animals, dinos, folk heroes, exotic places and landmarks, you can find all them in Lake George. Let’s take a look at two of the wackiest courses you can play.

A Mohican Indian and Tom Sawyer’s Tree house.

Catch a wave in Hawaii.

Paul Bunyan is popular around here, you can find him in a few different places.

Don’t forget your parka, it gets cold in Norway.

The Spanish Guitar.

How about a trip to the Orient……Japan……

…..or maybe a ride in a rickshaw in Hong Kong.

But this hole was my favorite. If you can hit your ball up the little ramp in front of the kangaroo and jump it into the pouch, it comes out his tail pipe around back.

Golf Around the World is a great course, but hands down, the kitschiest course has got to be Goony Golf.

It’s the Gooniest!

What a great mascot they have.

Several of the characters around the course are animated, their arms or legs spin around.

My favorite dino at the course. His little arms move up and down and at night he looks wonderful when the course is lit with colored lights.

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  1. Wow! Time to break out the putter, the Spanish guitar was cool, but how can you top Gooney Golf? It's the gooniest!!!