Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mid Century Goodness - Part 3

Today we wrap up our look at the wacky world of Lake George with a visit to the Magic Forest.

The day I stopped by the Magic Forest, it was raining so the Diving Horse show was canceled. I really wanted to see it, how often do you get a chance like that?

It wouldn't be Lake George without more concrete sculptures. This time we find Uncle Sam, Santa Claus and another Paul Bunyan greeting us in the parking lot.

Right on the edge of the parking lot, along SR 9, you can find this beatiful work of art to help draw folks into the park. When was the last time you saw Mighty Mouse riding an elephant?

Wouldn't it be fun to take this out for a spin around town?

A damsel in distress being rescued by the prince.......

It looks like the prince runs up and down the tower along this track. He was either broken or not running while I was there.

More giant characters around the park.

They also have a safari train ride thru the magical forest. It does not run on tracks, it's more like a hayride along this bike path.

So after seeing all the kitchy roadside goodness the Town of Lake George has to offer, when you drive by the Tiki Resort, it does not seem unusual at all, in fact it fits right in!

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  1. Bummer you did not get to see the diving horse. The park looks like fun especially all the large concrete structures hiding in the forest.