Sunday, July 18, 2010

South Pacific Apartments - Hawthorne, CA

In the South Bay city of Hawthorne, California (original home to the Beach Boys, where they started and wrote many of the biggest hits)are the South Pacific apartments.

They have a nice A-frame over the entrance into the corutyard. I really like the brown batten wooden siding that starts on the second floor. It gives the appearance of a treehouse or hut.

The rock facia around the courtyard entrance appears that there may have been a water feature here in the past. I expect there were probably duel water fountains on each side of the lobby door.

I like the rough end cut on the exposed header beam and the weathered brown paint adds a beachcomber feel to the complex.

As expected, there are no longer any tikis here, but with the tropical landscaping inside the courtyard, we can only imagine what used to be here several decades ago.

If you want to stop by the South Pacific apartments for a visit, you can find them at 13020 Kornblum Ave., Hawthorne, California.

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