Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Hotel - Waikiki

Tikiyaki is at it again. Check out their new web page for the Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Hotel, currently under construction in Waikiki, slated to open in the spring of 2011.

They created the Tikiyaki Airways persona for the release of their second albulm, so maybe this this is a precursor for a new albulm to be released next year (let's hope)!

The concept for the TPV is a slightly altered version of the Orchid Island Hotel that was posted here on the blog back in June.

They have also posted a picture of the TPV under construction (using an old blog postabout the construction of the Waikikian Hotel).

Awesome photoshop Jim, I love what you did with this this! We can all wish and dream!


  1. Thanx Mike, but what is this "photoshop" you speak of ?
    Tikiyaki Polynesian Village is coming along nicely, and we are looking forward to playing host to fine folks traveling to Waikiki for their Hawaiian Vacations come spring 2011.

    Aloha, Baby !

  2. Soo what happened here? No hotel 8 years later?