Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tiki Homes - Orange County, California - Part 3

Let's take a look at the remaining three neighborhoods that were outlined in the OC Register article.

'B' Neighborhood (Costa Mesa)

1870 Tahiti Drive (built 1962)

How cool is it to have your mailing address be along Tahiti Drive? The white and aqua color scheme on this house help give it a MCM vibe and the lush landscaping and shake shingle roof really help to give it a Polynesian Pop aesthetic. The garage, with it's own peaked roof line, really adds to the overall impression of multiple buildings on this property.

2840 Ellesmere Avenue (built 1961)

Another example of the garage having its own roof line giving the impression of multiple buildings on site. This house has had the roof replaced, I assume the original material was shake shingles, and now they have asphalt shingles. That change in roof material types has a drastic affect on the overall appearance of the house and really knocks it down several ticks on the tiki scale.

1761 Pitcairn Drive (built 1960)

This is the same model as 2840 Ellesmere and they have also changed their roof.

1801 Pitcairn Drive (built 1963)

This home still has a strong tiki vibe due to its brown color scheme, the exterior landscaping and pilings and the roof still having shake shingles.

Here's a map for the last two neighborhoods.

'D' Neighborhood (Newport Beach)

The author of the article listed this neighborhood as having Polynesian inspired homes, however, I could not find any. The closest home I found that the author may have thought was a tiki house was located at..

332 Colton Street (built 1963)

This is an interesting beach design, but I would not call it a tiki house.

'C' neighborhood (Huntington Beach)

The original boundaries outlined in the article were quite large. After surveying the area, I have considerably reduced the area to the greatest concentration of tiki homes as outlined in this map.

Leilani Drive (built 1963)

But the crown jewel that I found after exploring these four neighborhoods was located at...

22091 Islander Lane (built 1962)

You know just looking at this house from the street that it is special. Like a great tiki bar, it has layers.

Immediately behind the curb notice the pilings, beach grass, barrel decor with nautical elements. Then the second layer consists of lush landscaping, palms, more pilings, and more landscaping before you reach the house.

I love what these owners did to their driveway. They removed the concrete and replaced it with inlaid wooden planks giving the impression of the bridge.

The garage...

The main house, note the attention to details in this shot...

- The nautical block & tackle on the front lanai
- The seagull and the ship's bell (the position of the bell makes me think they use this instead of a doorbell)
- Lobster trap on the roof
- Whale weather vain on the roof

More details on the side of the garage.

What a beautiful tiki home!

End of series.


  1. Zulu, I lived in what would be the C+ neighborhood above between Bushard and Brookhurst, my elementary school was Eader firmly centered in C. I always thought that the homes in that neighborhood were some of the coolest in Orange County.

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