Monday, December 6, 2010

Denver Tiki: Trader Vic's vs. Don the Beachcomber - Part 3

More information about Denver Tiki and the Kahanui.

When we left our story, Victor Bergeron opened the Outrigger Restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel on 1962 and things were going very well.

This is a great color brochure for the Cosmo featuring the Outrigger on the front cover.

A couple of years roll by, things are going great. In 1964, Western Hotels run this advertisement for the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is a nice exterior shot and it looks like the folks are dressed up for an evening out. At the right edge of the picture you can see the signage for Trader Vic’s Outrigger. The street A-frame entrance to the restaurant is just off the picture (missed it by that much).

But that’s ok, here is the next best thing I can do. It is a rendering for the exterior street side entrance.

Sometime in the mid 1960’s, Vic’s makes the decision to officially change the Outrigger to a Trader Vic’s and runs this ad in the Denver Post newspaper.

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