Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Technicolor Tiki

Today I am going to stray off topic a bit and take a look at a different aspect of tiki visuals and examine the role of color.

In addition to researching Tiki Architecture, one of my other hobbies is painting. I'm a bit of a hack, but I enjoy it. I think every artist, at least the not very good ones, struggle with finding the right color palette to use in their work. To that end, I found this interesting color application on another great blog DesignerLand.

It is called Kuler. The web site is linked with Flickr and is really easy to use. Kuler will create a custom color palette for you based on complimentary colors that you select. You also have the ability to import an image and the application will create the palette for you.

For example, a favorite image of mine from Flickr

Kuler will then mathematically analyze the image and create a 5 color complimentary palette.

The great thing about this application is that after you have created your color palette, you can export it directly for use in other Adobe Creative products.

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