Sunday, April 25, 2010

Down for a few days

Aloha, Friends.

I have received word from several of you out there that there are actually readers who enjoy this small niche of tiki culture. Thanks for the kind words and comments.

This blog is supposed to be all about eye candy. That said, I have been pretty disappointed with the quality of the imgaes so far (e.g. the Tiki Room Penguin art looks terrible). I have been using blogger to host my images, but when they are posted they have significantly lost resoultion and look terrible. I also don't like the fact that you can't click an image to see the larger version. Over the next few days I'll be looking for a third party to host the images, repair the previously posted pics and then continue on with this oddball exploration of tiki architecture.




  1. Hey there Zulu, I have toyed with different photo hosts and have found to suit my needs pretty well. They offer a free hosting service and you can edit photos within their UI. It's not the most slick looking site out there, but gives you pretty quick embed links for your pics, and you can set the html to default to opening the photo up larger once you click on the image too!

    Hope that helps :)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I love the blog Mike...

    ...keep up the good work!