Saturday, April 17, 2010

Royal Hawaiian Apartments - Huntington Beach, CA

Tiki themed apartment complexes, I love them!!

Polynesian Pop culture became so popular that residential developers began to incorporate the tiki theme into their projects, both multi-family apartments and single-family residences. I hunt down tiki apartment complexes and homes everywhere I go. I have found tiki apartments in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Florida. I will showcase LOTS of tiki residences on my blog. What self respecting tikiphile wouldn't want to live in one of these places?

Pass thru the gate into the garden courtyard.

A few of the poles in the courtyard that support the second story of the complex have been decorated with tikis.

And then there are these tikis that are outside the building in the carport.

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  1. I stayed at these appartments summer 1982. Everything looks the same including the sign on the front. Great times!