Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Islander Apartments - Santa Ana, CA

The Islander apartment complex in Santa Ana, California is a typical SoCal tiki themed apartment complex.

It has all of the elements that make a great tiki complex.

1. Lots of lush landscaping around the pool and garden paths.

2. It has a central swimming pool. It is very common to see a large A-frame structure around the pool building.

3. This complex has a little history associated with it because it was where storied beachcomber, Mr. Eli Hedley, retired to.

4. When hunting down these complexes today, it is actually pretty rare to still find tikis unless they are an integral part of a struture and can't be removed. The remaining tikis here at the Islander fall into that category. The free standing tikis are long gone or rotted away.

This tiki is still here because he is holding up the roof.


  1. Around the corner on West Memory Lane is the Hana Kiki Apartments. I never knew it was there until my boyfriend drove me by it and we walked through. It's a little run down but the tiki in the pool are is still there and the landscaping is very Waimea Falls Park. They also have lava rock chimneys and classic hawaiian style architecture.

  2. Absolutely love your stuff.